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Use GPT-3 on any website using this GPT-3 powered Chrome Extension

In this article, I show how to use an AI auto-complete on any website in your browser using a GPT-3 powered Chrome Extension

You can use this Chrome extension for autocomplete suggestions whenever you start writing on any website you visit. Some examples are writing emails, tweets, filling comment boxes, etc.

Let’s see how to enable AI auto-complete using GPT-3 powered Chrome Extension.

Installing GPT-3 powered Chrome Extension

Install the chrome extension in your Chrome browser.

Follow the steps to see how to install and load this kind of extension in Chrome.

Setting up GPT-3 powered Chrome Extension

After loading the extension, you need to set up the Chrome extension.

To do this, Open the chrome extension and press Alt+k (or Cmd+K if you are on Mac).

This will bring up this pop screen where you can set up your openai API key.

Using GPT-3 powered Chrome Extension

Once you are set up, you can start using AI auto-complete on any website where there is an input field.

Let’s say you are writing an email in Gmail. Write a few words and press the Ctrl+space keys to generate auto-complete using GPT-3.


This article is based on the GPT-3 powered Chrome Extension source code and the idea by Vova.


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