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Creative GPT-3 prompts that you can use today.

GPT-3 from OpenAI is a powerful AI tool. However, to use it well, you must know how to phrase a prompt correctly.

Prompt phrasing differs based on what you are trying to generate and also what GPT-3 engine you are using.

It’s sometimes called prompt engineering.

That’s what the 3rd party apps like Copy or Jasper also do – they are internally doing some prompt engineering to get you the results you want from GPT-3.

However, you can cut out the middleman and do the same directly from your OpenAI account. Just use these prompts in the GPT-3 Playground.

Here are a few of the prompts that you can use to accomplish your goals with GPT-3.

Text Generation GPT-3 prompts

Generate a blog outline

This prompt will generate a blog outline for you. The more descriptive you are, the better outline topics it will come back with.


Create an outline for a blog about Carl Sagan and his contributions to Science
Engine: text-davinci-002
Max tokens: 150
Temperature: 0


Play with different max tokens and temperatures to see what gives a better response.

Rewrite a blog post title

If you want to rewrite a blog post title into a better one and optimized one for more clicks, use this prompt to rewrite your blog titles.


Rewrite the following blog post title into five different titles but optimized for social media virality: Mating habits of Meerkats
Engine: text-davinci-002
Max tokens: 250
Temperature: 0.7
I will be adding more prompts to this article so I recommend bookmarking it and revisiting it again.

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