Generating Images from Chinese Text prompts using PaddleHub ERNIE-ViLG AI model

While most of the popular AI image generation AI tools focus on English prompts, not many are in other languages.

ERNIE-ViLG is AI text to image generation model that is trained specifically for Chinese text to image generation.

ERNIE-ViLG  is created by an organization called PaddlePaddle.

Using ERNIE-ViLG to generate images from Chinese text online

The easiest way to start using ERNIE-ViLG to generate images from Chinese text is by visiting their demo on HuggingFace.

Using ERNIE-ViLG in Google Colab Notebook

You can also use ERNIE-ViLG in a Google Colab Notebook to generate images from Chinese text. Here are the steps:

  • From the top menu bar choose Runtime -> Run All
  • It will launch a Gradio app inside the Google Colab that you can use to generate images from Chinese text

  • Gradio App can be opened in a separate URL and shared with others for 72 hours.
  • You could also run ERNIE-ViLG locally on your machine by downloading this Colab Notebook and running it as Jupyter Notebook

PaddleHub ERNIE-ViLG Resources

The source code for ERNIE-ViLG is available here and the Paper can be read here



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