Image AI, Stable Diffusion

Install and use Stable Diffusion on iPhone and iPad

Stable Diffusion is the most popular Open Source Image generation AI model of this year so far.

There are a lot of different ways to use Stable Diffusion to generate images via text prompts, including using Stable Diffusion on iOS devices.

You can now even use Stable Diffusion on iPhone and iPad

Let’s take a look at a few different iOS apps that we can install and use Stable Diffusion on iPhone / iPad to generate images from text prompts.

The apps are listed in the order of own favorite first.

Install and run Stable Diffusion on iPhone locally: Draw Things

My personal favorite new way to use Stable Diffusion on iPhone is to use an iOS app called Draw Things by Liu Liu.


Stable Diffusion on iPhone


You can install it from the App store direct link.

The best things about this app are

  • Its runs fully offline and locally on your iPhone
  • Your images stay with you with no data sent to a server
  • It’s free.
  • And it’s fast as compared to some other apps and methods
  • You can use photos from your camera and edit with text to image AI
  • Other features are – Inpainting Mask, Outpainting, Text to Image Generation, Text-Guided Image to Image Generation, Image and Prompt Edit History, etc.

This app is created by a Developer named Liu Liu

Installing and using Pixelz AI: Stable Diffusion on iPhone or iPad

Pixelz AI is a company that provides AI text-to-image tools for various platforms including iPhones and iPads.

Pixelz AI has integrated Stable Diffusion inside their iOS app.

You can install their App from their App store link



WAND – Upcoming App for Stable Diffusion on iPhone

There is a new iPhone App for creating AI images using STable Diffusion called wand. It’s currently taking requests for the waitlist and has yet to launch publically.

Use AI art tools from the mobile browser on your iPhone

You could also use a number of browser-based tools from your iPhone browser. For example, DALL-e works like a charm on mobile browsers.

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