Reasons not to use GPT-3


GPT-3 is one of the best language processing AI model ever created. It can be used for many different use cases. However, there are some reasons why you should not use GPT-3. This article lists some of them.

Reasons not to use GPT-3

No on-premise deployment

GPT-3 is a cloud-based model that can be used only via an API. There is no provision for on-premise deployment. This can be a show stopper for certain enterprise customers or government agencies who have policies against sending any data outside of their domain.

High usage costs

The good engines from GPT-3 API can be pretty expensive. If your use case ends up using lots of tokens for each request but cannot recoup the cost, then GPT-3 might not be the right choice.

Not 100% accurate results

GPT-3 is great but it can sometimes produce results that are not 100% accurate. That could be problemtic for some use cases, like facts based output or high stakes fields like legal work or Healthcare.

Strict OpenAI Terms

OpenAI has a strict terms of use that requires that you use the API only for approved purposes. For example, using GPT-3 to generate long forms of text in a public facing application is not allowed. There are few more of these kinds of requirements. So if your application requires some feature that goes against their terms for a public facing application, GPT-3 may not be the right choice for you.


Before deciding to use GPT-3, you should consider the various factors mentioned above and see if any of them is a blocker for you to use GPT-3. In the end it depends on the use case and should be decided by case by case basis.