On Validation

Seeking constant validation

We crave validation, all the time. It never stops.

We crave validation from ourselves, other humans, even our pets, and our environment.

This craving for validation starts from a young age. We learn to seek it. Constantly. At Home. At School. At the workplace.

We seek it from our Parents. Our siblings. Our Friends. Our Boss, Our Co-workers. Strangers on the internet.

This need for validation is an endless loop. The more we get it, the more we crave it. It’s hacking our brains. And it has received a massive boost from online social networks.

We post a tweet, and start staring at the Notifications, waiting for that blue dot to appear.

Every time it’s delayed by seconds, we feel a little bit sad at not getting that fix right away.

Time it shows up, we feel validated for posting that tasty morsel of a sentence.

We feel heartbroken that not enough people have upvoted our product on Product Hunt

Why didn’t enough people vote on my Hacker News Post?(I launched a whole product around this need.)

We envy the Reddit Mods(nay Gods) who decide if people can see our post.

Constantly staring at the Follower count.

Mood going up and down along with the trend lines in the graph.

We are hooked.

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