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Making calls to OpenAI chatGPT / GPT-3 API in PHP

This article walks you through with sampel code on how to call OpenAI chatGPT / GPT-3 API in PHP. It covers below topics:

  • Install php package for openai
  • set up environment variables
  • import the php package
  • call the gpt-3 api

Let’s start.

Install the php package for calling OpenAI API

OpenAI has not relased an official package for calling the GPT-3 API from php. However, there is a popular 3rd party php package that OpenAI recommends for this purpose.

In order to install the package, use below command.
composer require orhanerday/open-ai

Calling the chatGPT / GPT-3 API from php – code

Import the package in your code.
use Orhanerday\OpenAi\OpenAi;

Add the OpenAI API key to your environment as OPEN_AI_API_KEY. You can get your API key from your OpenAI account.

Next, load the openai API key from your environment
$open_ai = new OpenAi(env(‘OPEN_AI_API_KEY’));

Now we are ready to make our first call to OpenAI

$complete = $open_ai->complete([
    'engine' => 'davinci',
    'prompt' => 'Hello',
    'temperature' => 0.7,
    'max_tokens' => 276,
    'frequency_penalty' => 0,
    'presence_penalty' => 0.6,

The above code makes a call to the OpenAI GPT-3 completions endpoint. Completions endpoint is used for text generation.

Explanation for the parameters is as below:

  • engine: The engine to use for completion.
  • prompt: The prompt to complete.
  • temperature: The temperature to use for sampling.
  • max_tokens: The maximum number of tokens to return.
  • frequency_penalty: The penalty to apply to words that appear frequently in – the prompt.
  • presence_penalty: The penalty to apply to words that appear in the prompt.


This was a short how to on calling OpenAI chatGPT / GPT-3 API endpoints from php. We showed an example of a text generation call using davinci engine. Good luck with building your GPT-3 product in PHP.

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