Maker PlayBook - eBooks

Maker Playbook - eBooks


Find a niche audience, create short-form, niche, practical eBooks using your existing skillset, sell it using no-code tools like gumroad, and promote it to your niche audience.

πŸ“– Playbook

  • Bundle existing skills
  • Keet it short and practical
  • Build in Public -> Build an Audience
  • Self Publish
  • Sell it on gumroad or podia
  • Be highly engaged online, especially Twitter
  • Having your own website helps - use No Code Tools to build
  • Hybrid Products - mix-n-match pdfs, short videos, notion docs, Airtable databases, etc.

✍ Who

πŸ’‘ Opportunities

  • Help people get better at their existing jobs
  • Teach them how to get good at social media
  • How to build <X> using No Code tools.
  • Take 500-page technical books, shorten them, and then shorten them some more.

πŸ”§ Tools

🌐 References