Idea - A Marketing Agency for Solo creators.

I saw this tweet from Gumroad’s Founder a few days back that got me thinking.

This data is for Sep 2020. I did some calculations on this. data.

More than 94% of creators made less than $1K, not including the ones who didn’t make any. Some of the products they put out would be average. But a good number(1000s) would be good at their craft. And the gap may be in that they are not good at marketing themselves.

I see the potential for a good marketer who can help these creators promote their work better. There is a potential for a lot of different approaches to doing this.

  • Create an info product. This could be an eBook, a Notion Dashboard, or a course. It has to be practical. This might be many products to teach each kind of skill.
  • Marketer provides a service by helping with the selling and getting the traction. This could be an income-sharing deal. Creators pay a share of the earnings for an agreed time-period, a la @LambdaSchool. Instead of helping them get a job, you help sell their products.

You are welcome to steal this idea. I would love to see somebody doing this. I will even promote your services or product for free everywhere.