How to convert GPT-3 prompts into code

GPT-3 Playground enables you to prompt the GPT-3 API right in the browser.

GPT-3 Playground

But, what if you want the same prompt wrapped in some code to use in your app?

You can get Python Code equivalent for the GPT-3 prompt by clicking on the Export Code “<>” button right in the Playground

GPT-3 Playground Python Code

Get the cURL command also right from the Playground too.

GPT-3 Playground cURL command

You can run this from your command line program.

But what if you needed Node/JavaScript Code for prompting GPT-3 API?

Well, you can take the cURL command code you got from the Playground(see the previous tweet) and drop it in a “cURL to code” converter tool and get the JavaScript code
GPT-3 Prompt - JavaScript

You can also do this for other language like R, PHP, Go, Rust, etc.

Do you want to prompt GPT-3 from those languages? Check out the cURL to Code converter tool to do these conversions.

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