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How to get access to OpenAI chatGPT / GPT-3 API?

OpenAI has opened up its chatGPT / GPT-3 AI model for commercial and research uses. They have done it by the way of an API.

Having OpenAI API access is necessary for doing any kind of work using OpenAI chatGPT / GPT-3. . Earlier it was by invitation and only a few people were invited. No more. The API has been opened to anyone who wants it

The only caveat being you have to be from one of the countries OpenAI allows access from. If not, you can always one of the GPT-3 alternatives.

For people who want to build something with OpenAI API, getting access to GPT-3 is mandatory.

In this chapter, I am sharing the OpenAI official process to get access to their GPT-3 API.

Signup for access to OpenAI chatGPT / GPT-3

  1. In order to get access to OpenAI gpt-3, Open this OpenAI link.access to OpenAI GPT-3
  2. Click on Signup and finish the signup process. These days it asks for a phone number to avoid people creating multiple accounts.access to OpenAI GPT-3
  3. Once done, you will be logged into the OpenAI Dashboardaccess to OpenAI GPT-3

OpenAI not giving access to chatGPT / GPT-3? Alternatives

In case, you are not able to get access to OpenAI chatGPT / GPT-3 due to various reasons.

Well, fear not. There are alternatives you can use

Wanted to use chatGPT, the chat-based GPT-3 from OpenAI but can’t?

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