GPT-3 NextJS React Starterkit

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Recently I wrote a Tutorial on How to Build a GPT-3 Powered Serverless App using NextJS & React?. The code for this is open source and available on Github

People reached out to say they found it really useful.



Some had questions about how to implement other use cases with GPT-3. For example.

  • Generate emails
  • Generate Article Intros
  • Text summarization
  • Generate tabular data from text
  • Parse text to take out key data, e.g., addresses, names, email ids, phone nos, etc
  • Generate Product Descriptions
  • Generate YouTube Video Titles & intros
  • etc.

I also received few consulting requests for help implement the GPT-3 API in their apps.

That led me to believe there should be a starterkit for building GPT-3 Powered Apps.

Hence, am building a startkit for GPT-3 Powered Apps. This one uses NextJS/ React / JS. Note: This will not be released as Open Source.

What you will get

  • Source Code for an app that covers mutiple use cases for GPT-3 for NextJS/ReactJS Stack
  • ReadMe to how to add your OpenAI API key and setup the App in your local development setup
  • How to Push the App Live to Hosting providers like Vercel.

How to Purchase the starterkit?

If you are interested, email me at