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10 amazing chatGPT / GPT-3 Alternatives that you can use today

Here are some chatGPT / GPT-3 Alternatives you can use today:

chatGPT / GPT-3 alternatives available as hosted solutions

AI21 Labs

AI21 is an Israel-based AI company and research lab that has released its own GPT-3 like AI API. They have both free and paid plans available and allow individuals and companies to use their AI via their online playground as well as via their API.


Cohere has GPT-3 like text models available both in their online Playground as well as an API for developers to use in their productions.


GooseAI is a cloud provider that sells access to cloud-hosted Open Source AI models like GPT-J, GPT-Neo-X, etc via API.


HuggingFace is an Open Source platform for hosting free and Open source AI models, including GPT-3 like text generation models. All of their AI models are free to download.

However, if you want to use an AI model via a hosted API like GPT-3, HuggingFace provides you with a way to do that. They have generous free and paid plans for various needs.


Inferkit is a hosted GPT-3 like text AI model available via their website as well as an API.

NLP Cloud

NLPCloud is a cloud hosting provider for GPT-3 like models like GPT-J, GPT-NeoX, etc.

Deploy your own chatGPT / GPT-3 Alternatives

In case you want to deploy text AI models to your own computers or in your cloud account, here are some open-source models that you can download and use.


BLOOM is an open-source generative text AI model created by a group called Big Science. It’s Open Source and free to download and deploy in your own environment.


GPT-J is a text AI model created by a non-profit AI group called EleutherAI. Its code is available for download from here

GPT- NeoX-20B

GPT-NexoX-20B is EleutherAI’s largest generative text AI model. Details on how to download and use the model are here

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