Everything you ever wanted to know about OpenAI DALL·E

What is DALL·E?

DALL·E is a neural network(an Artifical Intelligence technology) that can generate images from text inputs in natural language. It is created by the AI company OpenAI, the creators of GPT-3. In fact, DALL·E is also a version of GPT-3 that is custom trained on text image pairs.

What does DALL·E do?

If you input a text phrase to DALL·E, it will generate an image that will be very similar to the concept described in the text phrase. These images are generated from scratch and do not previously exist before they are generated.

DALL·E can generate all kinds of iumages - anthromorphized animals, combining mutiple concepts, etc.

For example below image was created by DALL·E from the text phrase “A photo of an astronaut riding a horse”.

Image courtesy OpenAI

How can I use DALL·E?

In order for you to start using DALL·E, you will need to apply for access on their website.

Filling the form will put you on a waitlist. Currently there might be a limited number of spots available. You might be up for a little bit(maybe longer) oF wait before you can get your hands on DALL·E.

Do I need to install anything to use DALL·E?

No, you need not install anything to use DALL-E. The current version of DALL·E is available as a web application that can run from your browser.

There might be an API endpoint access in future versions for developers to use in building applications but right now there has not been any hints from OpenAI when that would be.

Even the open source and free version, DALL-E Mini is accessible in browser

How to install, use and run DALL·E(DALL E) right now?

  1. On your computer, open your web browser
  2. Open Dall-E Mini in your browser by clicking on this link
  3. Type in a text phrase and click on the “Generate Image” button
  4. The image will be generated and displayed in the browser after a few seconds or mins depending upon the traffic on the server.

I don’t have DALL·E, what do I do?

Well, you and millions of others are waiting for their invite from OpenAI to start using DALL·E. There doesn’t seem to be a way right not to skip the queue. However, while you can check out a Open source version here

Here are a bunch of images I generated using DALL-E mini

DALL-E prompt generated image for - Dogs wearing suits in a diner

Is DALL·E free?

Currently DALL-E is free to use. However, the catch is the access is quite limited right now and lots of people are waiting for their invite.

Meanwhile, there is a free version, DALL-E Mini, that can be used right away and is also free.