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6 Best AI tools for Researchers

In this article, I go through 10 of the top AI tools for researchers

In the academic field, writing and publishing research papers is very important to get a new job, get tenure, or become known in your particular field.

AI Language models like GPT-3 are getting integrated into all kinds of products.

Now, even researchers can advantage of these tools.

Let’s go through them one by one

AI tools for Researchers: Explainpaper

Explainpaper uses AI to make reading and understanding complex research and academic papers easier.

AI tools for Researchers - explainpaper

You just upload a per and it does the rest.

Headline Analyzer

Headline analyzer helps you come up with better titles for your papers and articles.

AI tools for Researchers - headline analyzer

You provide it with a title and it analyzes and suggests changes that will make it more appealing.

AI tools for Researchers - headline analyzer - 02

Writefull – AI writing tool for academics

Writefull is a writing tool specifically built for academics that provides lots of features already built in. It is available for MS Word, Overleaf, etc.

AI tools for Researchers - writefull



Penelope is one of the best AI tools for researchers and academics. It provides lots of features including AI-based automatic checking of manuscripts.


Paperpal is another interesting AI tool targeted at academic writing.

It can help you write, review a manuscript and suggest changes, etc.


Paper-digest is a summarization tool that does a very good job of summarizing academic papers.

Galactica by Meta AI

Galactica by Meta AI is one of the latest AI tools for Researchers.

It’s Open source AI model as well as a web application that can be used by anyone for free to

  • explore the scientific literature
  • ask scientific quesitons
  • write scientific code, etc

AI tools for Researchers


As always, these are just tools, and the results you will see will depend on how you learn to wield them.

They can be useful and come in handy when you feel stuck or need some ideas to move forward or improve your paper writing skills.



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