Product Ideas for Makers.

You would love to create a digital product and have another income stream.

But, then you say, what should I create. I don’t have ideas.

First, that’s not true. Everybody gets ideas, some people are more aware of them.

For a second, let’s assume, that is true - you have no ideas. Well, then steal get inspired by other people’s ideas. Here are some of them…


  • Design Web Templates
  • Curate Company information
  • Write eBooks Record
  • Video Courses
  • Make Marketing Swipe Pages
  • Make Wordpress plugins Code
  • SaaS Templates
  • Draw Illustrations
  • Make WebFlow Templates
  • Build a
  • Micro SaaS App
  • Build a Shopify App

** This is a continuously updated list. So we will get to 100 plus soon.*

But you may ask, where do I sell it after I make it. Read my Makes Playbook on more of that.