Domains I consult for

I provide consultation services for below domains:

  • Full Stack SaaS Development
  • API & backend Development
  • Production Deployment on Vercel, Heroku, Render, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud.
  • Custom Deployment & serving of AI models
  • GPT-x(GPT-3/Codex/GPT-J/gpt-Neo):
    • Prompt Design for getting quality inputs from GPT-x AI models.
    • Fine-tuning GPT-x models
    • Feasibility Study on your idea.
    • PoC creation for your idea.
    • Architecture & Workflow Design for your idea.
    • Development & Implementation of GPT-x powered Full Stack SaaS products.

Hire me for a Project

If you want to hire me for a project, drop an email( with your requirements.